Choosing A Maternity Photographer in Birmingham To Capture Your Pregnancy Portraits

On the 15th May 2018  at The Newborn Photography Show,I was awarded 2nd Place for Maternity Photographer of The Year – Print Competition for my Maternity and Pregnancy Photography


The Award Winning Image is displayed above named – Awaiting.

Model: Lenai Nisbet

My interest and love for all things pregnancy and birth has always been a part of my life and I dedicated years to gaining a professional qualification and registration as a dual qualified Nurse and Midwife. Spending time caring for and supporting mothers-to-be as their bodies changed, hopes and dreams for their unborn became realities and they transformed from women to renewed mothers of children of the future. It is an honour and pleasure to witness. I spent time working in Birmingham on maternity units which enabled me to develop as a professional. Little did I know that I would become an award winning maternity photographer in Birmingham.

However, the time came round that I became a mother myself and I learned a new understanding of what it means and felt like to undergo that huge transformation. I understood the vulnerability, the fear, the overwhelming desire to protect that growing human inside with all you have got.

She was born on 13th February 2016 and with her birth, along came a passion for art and creativity, as well as a burning desire to spending more time with her and capturing her as she grew. I wasn’t prepared to let go fully of maternity and pregnancy which is how I came to the decision to photograph women during their pregnancy. I have always believed there is an inner strength, power and beauty in pregnancy, often we don’t realise it because we feel all of the symptoms of pregnancy which make us feel less than – nausea, fatigue, pain and just generally overwhelmed with the changes that our bodies go through not only physically and mentally.

How often do we honour the sacrifice women make to bring life into the world, tell them they are beautiful, strong, powerful? My maternity photography aims to do just that. Show an inner peace and acceptance of oneself as a new woman, delicate and soft but have a strong persona and zest for life that we believe is lost.

For anyone that knows me, I much prefer to sit quietly behind the scenes and let others take centre stage. Entering such a huge competition to be judged by WORLD CLASS photographers such as KELLY BROWN from Little Pieces Photography was a huge achievement in itself. The Newborn Photography Show is a yearly event that photographers attend for maternity, newborn and family training, shopping and socialising.

The Print competition was a new addition this year and I was encouraged to enter by very talented and supportive photographers. Little did I know that upon walking into the venue that I would see my own print (the image above) listed amongst the finalists for the competition! I couldn’t believe it! The competition was very strong, with some absolutely stunning maternity photography work and to be one of a few from Birmingham placed upon that wall gave me a HUGE boost.

The Awards Dinner took place on the evening of the 15th of May and I was so nervous! I did not know what to expect and for sure I was starstruck seeing very talented artists sit amongst friends dressed in beautiful gowns and suits to celebrate our art together. The dinner was wonderful, a three course meal of lovely food. The venue was beautifully designed, just as I could have imagined and more, for what an awards show would look like.


I was called up onto the stage to collect a certificate awarded to me as a FINALIST in the Maternity Photographer of The Year – Print Competition and I gratefully received and accepted my certificate with pride!


When my name was called for the second time, I honestly thought ‘oh my god – me?’ I slowly stood up in front of friends, colleagues, those who have trained me and others, the round of applause and shouts of ‘YES’ and ‘WHOOP’ was almost deafening! I had been selected! Again I walked across the floor and up to the stage to receive my award!! Still in shock, ‘Well done’, ‘Beautiful Image’, ‘Stunning’ and ‘Well Deserved’ are some of the terms used to describe what I had just achieved! Only 2 years ago I had started my journey and I had been awarded for what I had achieved!

Why Maternity Photography?

You may wonder why you should have maternity photography in Birmingham with me and I always think, as long as a pregnancy may seem, before you know it your beautiful baby will be in your arms. Someone you have loved before you met, felt them move, hiccup and spoke to them, soothed them, wished for them, talked about them, maybe even named them, bought things for them.. the list can go on. Show your baby when they are old enough to recognise you in a photograph that your love for them began well before they arrived on this earth. Recognise your beauty, power and strength. We as women don’t have portraits of ourselves and this would be a time to honour our commitment to our children whilst still seeing YOU as a very strong influence.  See yourself in a way you may not realise you can be.

You can see more of my work here, local to Birmingham, there are many photographers out there willing to welcome you into their studio, but I assure you that as a trained professional and award winning photographer, your portraits will be cherished and last forever.


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