Baby girl Eden won a newborn photography session with me at my home studio in Smethwick, near Birmingham! This was back in March 2018 but I am so slow to getting to tell you all about her session! I was so excited to meet her, as I am with all newborn babies. It is such privilege to meet a life that has started so early, imagining all the hopes and dreams that parents may have for their newborn baby. I always ask parents what they want out of their session, i.e. a particular pose, colours or a sibling shot – a particular favourite, especially when they did not have the opportunity for newborn photography last time. Eden came with her big brother, Mum and Dad to her portrait session and to get started, she was WIDE awake. This is totally normal, most babies wake up when they arrive as they’ve usually had a snooze in the car. Awake portraits are great, its lovely to have the opportunity to see their tiny personalities. I use wrapping techniques to encourage babies back into a gentle sleep and this works the majority of the time.

Isn’t she beautiful in such a quiet, little slumber. I love to mix opposing colours and create different looks during sessions, especially if parents hadn’t decided on what they wanted yet. I think this is one of my favourites from her session. What do you think?

We managed a few different set ups, as she remained in a lovely, settled sleep – a full tummy and clean nappy contributes to this. As well as skilled hands to unwrap, change outfit and rewrap a newborn without waking them! As a mother myself, I always enjoy a natter during the session about babies and it always fills the gap when in-between sets.

After a set up change during the newborn photography session. I aim to add variety to their gallery, just look at her little face!

    As I mentioned earlier, families often want a sibling photograph to capture their children with their brand new baby brother or sister and I can never resist the eagerness and excitement of including them in the newborn photography session. It is very important to ensure they’re involved, I think seeing these images makes them feel as an important part of the family, they will have the images to show off their bond forever. Here is the sibling shot below! Adorable!
Last but not least, I think this is my absolute favourite from the whole session – Mum and Dad chose this one so I think they’d agree that it is beautiful too! I had an idea in mind and I had been sent a lovely outfit and bonnet from a Newborn Photography Prop Vendor and I just knew it would be a perfect fit for Eden. It totally was worth it, she had woken up by this point and so it took a lot of rocking, ‘shhhh-ing’, feeding and bouncing (sounds like a regular day with a newborn haha) to get her back off to sleep to finish off her newborn photography session.   Here it is!

I am biased, I guess it is my own work but this just made my heart sing! I love the fact that you can see her little toes and little wisps of hair sneaking out from under the bonnet. Green is such a beautiful, vibrant colour and it suited so well. The added lavender just gave that touch of feminine and the crochet layer for detail. So I know I went a little crazy explaining but I just LOVE it! If only I knew about newborn photography when Olivia was born, I was pretty convinced I was the only one ha! So next time around, I will definitely make a point of having these beautiful images taken, because after all in generations to come, they may not know who I am but at least they can see where they came from. What do you think? I would love to know if you have a moment spare in the comments to tell me?

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A huge thanks to Eden’s parents for bringing her along. What a joy and pleasure to have you all! Speak soon!   T x

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