I am always lucky to meet incredible clients who choose me for their maternity photographs. Especially as I adore the look and feel of simple, classic styled photographs that show mothers as the incredible women that they are. One of my recent clients from October 2019, found me via the internet which is such an achievement in a digital age and with so many photographers available. Cristina, found my work which she immediately fell in love with. Chatting with her made me so excited for her session to come which she chose to book straight away. We briefly discussed what styles of images she liked and many she had sent to me are of course, the beautiful and clean maternity photographs that I love. Cristina’s session was planned for a late afternoon, along with her partner, Richard who was keen to be a part of their memory making.

A few of the images Cristina liked were those that included art nude styling, black and whites, as well as using a hat! Perfect! I love to use props within my sessions, this makes them much more personalised and bespoke.

I think what I adore about my job as a maternity photographer is that I aim to build a relationship with my clients, I also like to learn about them and be a part of their journey. I also love to see the connection between couples, their love shared with me is a privilege to witness. Capturing these special moments shared is priceless. A celebration of togetherness, new life and a growing family. Also to make a new mother see how incredible she is, what a wonderful miracle of work she is doing to grow this tiny new baby.

It is amazing what you can create with little props, especially when the focus is the new mother. A cropped jumper, simple black underwear and a hat worked wonders, particularly if you want to have something different to big, beautiful dresses, which I don’t use. There is significance of the hat you see here, Cristina and Richard had their last holiday as a couple to Provence in France and Cristina wore it during their stay there. 

Cristina and Richard also wanted to mark the significance of their amazing trip to the Bahamas by wearing these T-Shirts. Little did they know at the time, that their sweet, little baby was conceived on this trip. Both these personal items marked the beginning and end of their pregnancy, which was full of magic and love.

More often than not, partners are reluctant to be in the photographs but I don’t force anyone to pose. Rather encourage you to imagine you are enjoying small moments together whilst I shoot. I felt this gave more emotive photographs, more love I could feel eminating from them and of course, more relaxed. Connection is so important, it gives feeling, meaning and memories. Black and White photographs also have a special place in my heart, even without colour there is always a story to tell.

One of my favourite images, because it is so pure and beautiful. It is important to note that maternity photography sessions with me are completely up to you how you want to be photographed, art nude imagery may not work for everyone. Though in my opinion, these are the most pure photographs to have. My studio is now in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, which is a fantastic location and accessible as it is local to Birmingham City Centre. It is cosy, friendly and a safe space to be yourself, that which I am proud of. Would you like to enquire about a session with me? Complete the form at the bottom here, I would love to chat with you.

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