Baby Ella’s Newborn Session

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The very adorable Baby Ella came to see me in early November 2019 for her newborn session! She was born on 23rd October 2019 and has a big sister too! Ella weighed a wonderful 8lb14oz and I was so pleased to have her in my studio on 9th November. She was 17 days old and as you can see, we were lucky to capture some of her beautiful expressions, including the biggest smile! Even if it is wind!

Ella with her Big Sister, Meadow was just incredible at holding her sister and posing so beautifully. We all know the challenges faced when trying to get a lovely photograph of siblings together and I really felt very lucky with these two wonderful girls.

Family Portraits are always included in the newborn session, parents Phil and Sarah were keen to take part in making these memories and I always encourage it.



It is always a privilege to get an alert baby visit my studio but look at these beautiful smiles from Ella! You can see so much joy in her eyes and how adorable are the rolls on her arms? I actually think I had gotten quite a few frames of this very happy smile too.

Sessions are always very baby led and so if your baby is awake, then it is a priority to capture some awake shots as well as when your baby is sleeping. It adds such pleasant variety to a newborn photography gallery and parents are always happy to receive them! As always, babies are always safe and that is a priority over getting a photograph.


This week, I have shared a Link to Lisa Louie an East Grinstead Baby Photographer and she is discussing the top 10 baby names of 2020! For those of you considering newborn photography, please complete the enquiry form and I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Natalie Moss

    How gorgeous is this little one! What fantastic images

    • Tianna

      Thank you.

  2. Lisa

    Wow what beautiful images. You’re such a talented newborn photographer. I bet her parent are over the moon

    • Tianna

      Oh my, Lisa. That is a huge compliment, thank you. Yes they were really happy!


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