And Eat It Too!

Why Cake Smash Photography is Great For Your Toddler’s Biggest Milestone Yet!


Cake Smashes are a fun, messy-play way of celebrating your baby’s first birthday. It is an exciting time and for parents, particularly the mothers; a time of joy and reflection on the fun and challenges of the last 12 months. Suddenly, that tiny newborn baby is approaching their birthday.

Plus they get to eat their very own, FIRST BIRTHDAY cake.

Cake Smashes originated in the USA and since its arrival to the UK, they have been growing in popularity and sweeping across the country faster than you can imagine.

Consider it as an opportunity for a really fun, sensory experience; one that you don’t need to clean up afterwards because that is what I’m there for! Bonus!


‘What If My Baby Doesn’t Like Their Cake Smash?’

Every baby is different and whether they decide to dive in and smush their cake everywhere or gently draw shapes in the icing, it is still an opportunity to capture their personality. The benefit is, that if there is plenty left over at the end – you can take it home and ‘Eat It Too!’ No matter which way they choose to get stuck in, the best part of it all is witnessing your tiny human have some fun.

About The Cake Smash Milestone Photography

Sessions last about 90 minutes, plenty of time to take some wonderful photographs. This is usually more than enough time as sensory activities can get overwhelming and your baby will most likely want to sleep on the journey home. These high energy portrait photography sessions are really for babies and toddlers aged 2 as they are still likely to be in the exploratory phase of their development. Sessions are very relaxed and I take some time to get to know your little one and capture some ‘clean’ portraits to begin with. That can include a photograph of you together with your baby if you so wish. Then the fun begins as the cake is brought in! As they interact with the cake I will take photographs of your baby, really engage with and encourage them to have fun! They will enjoy the sensory experience of using their hands and feet, exploring the taste of their cake and seeing it! How amazing is that? If they are crawling or even walking, this adds so much more fun to their portrait session! Catching them and putting them back on set always produces the biggest smiles and giggles around the room. To round the session off, your baby is offered a ‘Splash’ session with a warm, bubbly and interactive bath to wash off the cake and this part is a favourite amongst all babies that come to the studio! It is also a perfect way to wind down and then dry off with you before getting dressed again.

Following your session, I carefully retouch the best 20-25 images from your baby’s gallery and in about 2-3 weeks time, you are invited back so we can sit together and watch a high resolution slide show to look at their images to decide on your favourites and place your order!


Specific Requirements? No Problem!

Dietary requirements are taken into account and Cakes can be provided with your needs in mind. However, feel free to purchase a cake to bring along. We can talk about the design and styling for your session once booked. If you fancy an alternative, consider it done! Fruit, paint, jelly!


Pack Their Baby Bag!

There are a few things that would be ideal if you brought with you! Cake gets everywhere! So please do bring a change of clothing, especially if you wish them to wear something different for the Pre-Smash portraits. Bring their favourite snuggly towel to dry away all the bubbles from the Splash. Don’t forget the Cake if you have opted to bring your own. Finally, a favourite toy to keep them entertained should they require it and any specific items that you would want to be included.


First Birthday Milestone Upcoming?

It is recommended that you are booked in advance, should you have any requests or requirements that they can be met ahead of time and also to avoid disappointment. Please complete tthe enquiry form below to find out more about availability and schedule a telephone call with me.

Tianna did my little girls’ 1st birthday cake smash and she was lovely! Was at ease right from the word go and made it a fun experience! The photographs are absolutely stunning – will be returning again soon

Hannah, J.

Cake Smash Photography

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!

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