As a photographer who is meticulous about value, service and quality, I will of course recommend that clients have their prints through the professional lab of my choosing. This is because I have chosen a print lab or several depending on what I am ordering for the clients; who also has quality, service and professional grade printing equipment at the forefront of their core values.

I recently required some prints last minute to demonstrate the sizes for a client coming to see what will be a part of their package and so I went to a high street store to get them. The ordering process was easy, placed online and I popped into Birmingham City Centre to collect them – all within 2 hours which was great! Served fairly quickly although there was some confusion over whether they were printed at all – a minor annoyance but nothing significant. The store was due to cl0se in 20 minutes so I collected the order and I left. It was on the train home that I had a chance to sit and look at the prints.

‘Oh.. My God’

They were awful. Out of 18 prints, only 5 were useable. The images were blown out, details lost, miscoloured and had what looked like someone had drawn lines down a number of them with a pen – probably from the printer. This is not what I expected and I of course had no alternative but to use what I could. I was disappointed to say the very least and I know for sure, that I will not be using them again. A lesson learned for myself, to keep up to date samples available.

So Why Buy Prints from Tianna J-Williams Photography?

You may think, well I will save money – this is true. I agree with you, however! You get what you pay for. Quality, value, good service and products do attract a higher price. You wouldn’t necessarily get the same experience in D&G as you would in Primark. Nothing wrong with shopping in either, just different.

Quality – Your prints will come to you as you see them, should there ever be a problem, I will sort them before you receive them.

Customer Service – you have direct access to me to discuss your prints and products at any point before, during and after your experience with me and that is for as long as is needed.

Value – You will receive stunning prints, worth the investment – carefully packaged and presented to you with love and attention, this is a core value of mine throughout the whole journey of your photography with me.

High expectations – I have them, as do you and to maintain that, I choose print labs who have the same high expectations because this is what keeps the standards high.

Your prints will always stand out and have an edge, not just because of what you spent on them but because of the care taken to get them to you, also knowing the process of how they came to be.

I cannot take any responsibility for prints that you receive from anywhere else, I don’t know about the calibration processes they use or whether the files are checked before printing to reduce wastage or mistakes. What I do know is that when you buy prints in your package from me, you can rest assured that they will be beautiful, I will be as proud of them as you are.

Speaking of printing your images, have you read my blog about why your prints should belong on the walls of your home? Read it here.

A fellow photographer, Carly Adams of Bailie and Belle is a baby photographer based in St Albans has written about the value and importance of printing your images for your home and why she recommends everyone does that. Have a read of it here.

A brief mention for this week too, 9-15th October is Baby Loss Awareness Week and it is about having conversations around baby loss, making sure that we do all we can to keep beautiful memories in our hearts of angel babies, supporting parents through their grief and keeping up the charity work done around the world for Baby Loss.

Thank you for reading!

T x

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