How to get the most out of your Maternity Session

Maternity Photography

It’s Our Job To Take Care Of YOU!

Along with that ‘pregnancy glow’ some mothers will be feeling heavy, or swollen and a little bloated – just a small snippet of pregnancy related discomforts. Then, along with incredible hormones, many of you will be left feeling vulnerable or even stressed out about your maternity photoshoot. 

Rest assured, it is our job here to be sure you look and feel beautiful, your absolute best. Not only for the photographs but because you deserve to!

One of the ways we try to combat this is the timing of your photoshoot. Ideally, taking place around 30 weeks, this time in many pregnancies many of you will be feeling fairly good! Still some energy to get around! Baby will be almost fully developed and preparing to put on weight and your bump will be so nice and round!

All maternity experiences include a pre-session consultation so that we can narrow down your favourite looks, lighting, styling too! We will also look at some images you may have saved from our gallery or instagram. You also can tell us about your hair and makeup ideas. Another element we talk about is editing, you can tell us about which areas you’d like more attention paying to and how we can do that.

Our studio sessions are around 2 hours and that can feel quite daunting, so we have plenty of time for you to take breaks when you need to as well as bathroom facilities. Water and light snacks are also around the studio for you to access at your leisure. 

Another worry is bringing children! Don’t worry – if you can bring a significant other or familiar adult for the children, they can take them out for fresh air intermittently whilst we do the portraits.

Beautiful, Artistic Maternity Photoshoot Pregnant Women in Birmingham West Midlands Photographer


    Consider a pampering session beforehand. Think about having a nice manicure as your hands are often featured in pregnancy photoshoots.

    Try to wear loose fit clothing on the day of your session. This is because clothing can sometimes cause markings and indentations, more prominent when pregnant.

    Bring nude and/or black bra and panty sets to wear underneath! These work really well with outfits and styling. 

    Light moisturising is beneficial too, plus who says no to a little massage? 

    Most of all, try not to worry. We will guide you through all of this.




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