Maternity Photography Sessions can be so varied and different, they are personalised to capture you and your pregnancy. To empower you and proudly take up wall space in your home. Every maternity session I book I discuss the wardrobe with my clients and the question I always get is: ‘Do you have any maternity dresses?’ The answer always is, yes I do however I tend to use fabric and props such has hats, flowers to create interest and forces to me to be creative which I enjoy.


I love maternity sessions, women come to me a little shy, of course given the nature of the photography and maybe a few anxieties about their changing bodies. But I have learned how to utilise the best of them and create beautiful photographs. I love that women leave feeling beautiful, empowered and proud of what they have just achieved.


Why fabric you wonder? Well, I like to use some jersey fabric which lays beautifully on women and is perfect for accentuating shapes. It shows off incredible figures and curves and it never looks the same each time so it is really unique.

I also use chiffon silk, it is a lightweight material which comes in so many stunning colours and it floats so incredibly when the fan is on, this creates stunning movement and interest in the images as well as leading the eye to the pregnant woman.


So how can your own wardrobe be effective? It is really simple, I use shirts (mostly those of your partners because the oversized look I love) jackets, jeans, bras and underwear, hotpants. Anything! It is about how it is used, where a hand is placed, covering nudity in an artful way.

I am finding that I use materials more in my sessions but I just adore beautiful, colourful clothing that clients have tailor made specifically for their sessions. More often than not, one size is enough but it is ideal to have a few of the same to match body types. The most beautiful dresses from www.mii-estilo.com are simply incredible but out of the budget for me so being creative is my best option!

I wanted to highlight another photographer, her name is Selina Cotton – from Mini Moo Studios!  and she offers beautiful maternity studio and outdoors photography. She is based in Swindon, Wiltshire and has some incredible dresses in her collection to offer her clients. Also, to add something really special, she offers sessions in Lavender Fields during the season which is simply special! Have a look at her offerings as she provides newborn and cake smash photography too. Furthermore, she is incredibly friendly! So! Do you want to have stunning maternity photographs you can be proud of? Hit the book now button in the menu, I can’t wait to discover YOU and create pregnancy memories.

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