Will You Pop The Question This Saturday 29th February? Engagements and Your Fiancé to Be.



Traditions have it that women can ‘pop the question’ on 29th February to their loved one and hopefully get into their engagement and planning a wedding. Google Trends reported, ‘men’s engagement rings’ was, on average searched almost 15,000 times in 2019! So what does this mean? I guess, that tradition is and has been slowly dying for years and more women are choosing to get down on bended knee and ask for his hand in marriage whether it is a leap year or not. 

How do you feel about ‘traditions’ many think that they are dated and so are taking matters into their own hands! Which is great! I guess for the husbands to be, it is a really nice surprise!

Many places around the UK and Europe had laws around this tradition and in some cases named February 29th ‘Bachelors Day’ and to refuse a proposal meant either a fine, a silk dress and even up to 12 pairs of gloves – to hide the ‘shame’ of an unmarried woman who doesn’t have a ring to wear! Good grief! With just a short while to go before the ‘big day’ will you choose to get the ball rolling on a wedding or wait until the ‘time is right?’

I believe Love is Love and I can’t wait to hear of new engagements and see those beautiful rings!

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