Intense Maternity – Newborn Photography Workshop

Hosted and trained by Dinky Feet Photography and Photography by Natasha 

I booked myself onto an amazing group training day for Maternity-Newborn Photography with two exceptionally talented photographers who, I could not have afforded to train with separately. So I had to GO! I drove up to Sheffield (which is surprisingly closer to Birmingham than I originally thought) for the day and spent it in a beautiful studio situated on a farm.

I was definitely nervous but more excited about what was on the agenda for the day.

 The First Baby Arrived!

This workshop began with a stunning newborn baby girl who was a dream to photograph. As you can imagine, there was plenty of us itching to get started and watching our trainer share specialist knowledge and skill within the art of newborn photography. Simple is always effective, it wows everyone and will continuously be statement pieces of work that grab attention and start off a strong gallery of imagery for clients to view at their viewing and ordering session. I was blown away by how beautiful this image turned out, I already could not wait to get home to edit but of course, there would be a whole day of workshopping (which I was so excited about) to go through first. 

We then moved onto talking through wrapping and setting up props for newborn posing with Natasha and this was so valuable to watch and listen to how setups are designed and how to wrap efficiently but effectively. I hadn’t thought to use these colours but I absolutely adore them!
We were to learn how to edit these later on in the day which as I had mentioned I was really excited to see. The important part of this workshop for me so far was the position of the light and angle the image is captured at.

Another Beautiful Baby Girl!

I adore this image above! I have a crate similar but I have never thought to use it in this way! So I have to give this a try with my own newborn photography, it is simply beautiful.

Back to newborn posing on the bean bag again and what an amazing combination of colour! You may have seen my inspiration and version for this on my home page.

I think I would like to eventually invest in some posing beans, I currently have an alternative however these really did the job of precision posing without much adjusting.

Then below, yet another stunning image that would add to a gallery beautifully. I always adored this but was not sure how to do it, now I can add it to galleries for parents to admire!

Maternity Photography Training

After lunch – and my goodness it was delicious (Thank you Dinky Feet Photography) – it was time to photograph an expectant Mother.

There is so much to this, because as women during pregnancy we can become very aware of our own bodies and quite self conscious. It is so important to set the precedence of respect and care right from the start. There is only so much time to build that relationship with her and make her look amazing. This has to be RIGHT. Natasha knows exactly how to draw out power, beauty, elegance and strength AND show all of this in a photograph. I was blown away!

It is crazy what you can make with creative lighting, a floral crown and some fabric if you put your mind to it!


I genuinely cannot decide which one I like better! They are both gorgeous!

What do you all think?

Finally the day came to a close for Editing and a mini Q&A! Then we all decided to go for an evening meal because it would not make sense to end such an epic day without food and drink!

I have taken away so much knowledge from two of the best I know and adore. What an experience I didn’t want to end! I am grateful to now be equipped with even more skills to offer to clients who choose me for their Newborn and Maternity Photography.

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