Maternity with a hint of Boudoir

I adore maternity photography. There is something about capturing a woman in a portrait when she may be feeling less than the amazing human being she is and showing her how truly powerful she is. I see so many different mothers to be, first time and second time.. and so on. I like to hear from clients what their expectations are and how they want to look and each woman is so different. I always have a good conversation about their pregnancies, with my midwifery background I have a deep understanding and knowledge about pregnancy and birth, so I find it easy to talk about. This helps me to bond with her and build up a relationship ahead of the maternity session.


Many mothers feel apprehensive due to the nature of the photography but also because pregnancy is notorious for making us feel vulnerable and look at ourselves differently. Our bodies succumb to a number of huge changes emotionally as well as physically, in preparation for caring for a newborn baby and sometimes that leaves us feeling less than, wondering about how we will feel as things progress.


When the very beautiful Jade Wade, a published and professional model (see here for her appearances and other works on instagram) approached me wanting to capture her pregnancy before leaving the UK, we spoke about how to create her portraits… with a different perspective. Boudoir. I honestly could not be more excited to delve into the realms of pregnancy and sexuality. As it appears that suddenly, there is an expectation to be a certain way when bringing new life into the world. After travelling more than 2 hours to get to my home studio, armed with her amazing MUA (Make Up Artist) S. Jones (See here for her work on instagram) ready to create some magic!


Pregnancy Can Be Sexy!


I could not be happier at the outcome of these BEAUTIFUL maternity boudoir images! J. Wade was absolutely blown away by her portraits, as was I! The best part of what I do is showing my clients their true beauty in the way they wish to be seen.

I just keep looking at my photo! Brings tears to my eyes. With having a previous eating disorder, I’ve struggled so so much with the change in my body that I can’t control even though I know in my heart it’s worth it, it still breaks me down all the time.
Seeing this image makes me feel beautiful. That my baby is worth every single pound I gain and every stretch mark. Thank you, I needed this.

J. Wade - Maternity Boudoir Client

See more about scheduling your maternity photography session here. If you want a portrait session with a difference, then I want to hear from you! You can also read my blog about winning 2nd place Maternity Photographer of The Year here.

I hope to see you soon!


T x

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