The skills required to be a safe, competent newborn photographer include digital retouching and compositing images is a skill required to create a number of poses.

At all times, your baby’s safety comes first and many of the finished images you see are made up of two, sometimes three photographs taken.

The image above as a composite! Amazing isnt it? Baby Omaiah was a joy to have in my studio and slept like a dream!

The reality is a baby cannot safely maintain this position on their own and should always be supported with a hand to keep them safe. As a newborn photographer and midwife, I am aware of making sure that your baby’s airway is always clear and not compromised in any way. There are always things to be aware of that I keep my eye on during the session so that your baby remains happy throughout. Not every baby suits some poses and it is important to recognise that too. I aim to manage the expectations of clients who come to me as their newborn baby photographer and explain to them what they can hope to have captured. The most important thing is that they have wonderful photographs of their newborn baby to cherish forever. I chose to invest in photography training, with a special focus on newborn posing and safety, so that clients can rest assured that I am not only able to take beautiful photos but be able to do so in a safe, competent way. The newborn photography industry is not regulated, unlike say Midwifery which requires mandatory updates and reflections on skills as well as registration to a professional body. This means that anyone is able to start a business photographing newborn babies but may not appreciate the importance of training and education. It isn’t just about the photography either, it is just as fundamental to know how to soothe a baby, recognise cues for hunger or whether a baby is uncomfortable.


It looks easy doesn’t it? Newborn baby photography sessions are several hours long for a reason and includes time spent soothing, settling, wrapping, posing as well as time with parents for feeds and snuggles. I can assure you, sessions are often challenging and require due care and attention throughout. They also require compassion and a love for this genre of photography.

You can see in the images above that both babies heads are supported to maintain the position. It may appear like a long time in the images but it is is more often than not, a few moments whilst the shot is captured. Sometimes, the difference between two photographers is the price and many don’t often consider things like insurance or training as factors to help them decide on a newborn photographer. You can learn more here about finding a competent newborn photographer to capture the early memories and days of your precious new baby.

Would you like more information? I am available for telephone call enquiries to talk about your new baby and how we can create beautiful photographs of your newborn to cherish. As a trained nurse and midwife with a live registration I am proud to say that my skills and experience exceed more than what you would expect of a newborn photographer. Happy to chat about things relating to pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, also from the perspective of a fellow mother; you can feel safe in my environment and know that I will offer support and signpost to services or other professionals who can help if you need it. Follow the link below to make an enquiry or booking for your newborn, maternity and pregnancy photographs.

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