How beautiful is this little face above? I love to capture the tiny details of a baby, these are the things that as parents make our hearts skip beats!

Baby Yuvraj came to see me for his newborn photography portrait session at my home studio near Birmingham on the 10th June. It was a pleasure to meet his Mummy and Daddy too! Although we weren’t sure he was going to sleep as he is an older newborn, he completely surprised us and had a wonderful nap during his session.

I always talk about how parents can decide on the colours they want used in their session and I had blue for the theme as well as simple colours and set ups. I was also delighted for a newborn boy to come into my studio as I don’t often get many! 


Have you seen the eyelashes on this beautiful boy? So long and beautiful.


Here we caught him in the middle of his deep slumber, Mum assured me that he barely sleeps in the day so we felt we had hit the JACKPOT! So we continued, with the aim to do a variety of set ups. I totally follow what baby wants and is willing to do, which is so important for a relaxed baby (and parents) to get the best out of the newborn photography session. 


Newborn photography sessions typically last 3-4 hours, including feeding, winding, changing, settling, rocking and just adoring the sweet little one. Yuvraj certainly made me work hard for that whole duration but it was so worth it.


How sweet is this? I think this image is Mummy’s favourite! I do love it too. He fit so so snug in the bucket. I speak about newborn safety in newborn photography often and as with all posing, safety is paramount at all times. It is always essential to ensure that at all times, baby’s wellbeing is not compromised. I subscribe to the Baby and Newborn Photography Association, dedicated to newborn safety within photography, you can learn more about them here and the work they do to educate you as parents and why.

The best part of these sessions is just getting to know families who come and talk about all things baby. The birth, the early days, sleeping patterns (what is sleep?!), feeding. I am used to discussing these things due to my midwifery background and I feel it helps with making everyone feel comfortable, especially to know that parenting is totally the same for us all! 

Here you see the blues that Mum asked for during the session and the little sleepy hat fit him perfectly.

As much as this is a newborn photography session, I always encourage parents to take part and have a photograph (or a few) because they are the reason baby is here! It is a celebration of new life and creation of a legacy but also the birth of a new family. I am delighted to take family photographs within the newborn sessions. If parents have other children, they are welcome too.

This has to be my absolute favourite of all. This image is the embodiment of the love that underpins family, newborn and parenthood. The joy in their faces and the connection is everything that is why I choose to do photography. Because of moments like this. They won’t stay long forever. They say we have approximately 18 summers with our children, I guess each year is another year older, wiser and able to do more than the last. Capture these memories early, before it is too late to.


I hope you enjoy reading about his session, if you are an expectant parent or your baby has just been born and you are considering newborn photography, then follow this link here and see about arranging your booking. Or, send me an email and we can discuss what your hopes and dreams are for your newborn photography session.


I am local to Birmingham, many of my clients come from around Smethwick, around Birmingham, Oldbury and Bearwood. Some further such as Sutton Coldfield or even Catterick! So wherever you are, I can fit you in my diary! Lets create these special memories together!


Speak soon,

T x

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