Why Sitter Photography Sessions Are Perfect For You and Your Baby


I can remember so clearly Zara’s entry into the world. Swift and peaceful, blissful, quiet and only my partner and doula with me. The past nearly 6 months have been a blur, with moments that I can remember and many I can’t. She is already sitting up, no longer a newborn baby. Giggling and smiling sweetly. I am so familiar with the feeling that days all blend into one, long, sleepless nights and endless nappy changes. Though these times can be challenging, they go so quickly.


Sitter Sessions are all about capturing the very essence of your baby, as well as documenting the biggest milestone yet. Suddenly your baby can now see things at a whole new perspective and this is deeply intriguing for them and of course is sensory and engaging. They can do so much more at this age, are very expressive and really enjoy being interactive. 


These sessions are really hands on, fun and enjoyable for all as we adore the bright eyes, chubby cheeks and thigh rolls that comes with being a growing baby and if your little one doesn’t have teeth yet, it may be the last few photographs to have of that gummy smile. However, if they do – it is adorable to capture those little teeth popping out! Parents are encouraged to sit neaby their baby, as they can be unpredictable and likely to flop backwards so for safety reasons, you are always there to support them.


These sessions are simple, they are all about your baby, no fuss at all. Just your sweet little one and their character to create gorgeous images that will last forever. 


If you didn’t get to book a newborn photography session for your newborn baby, then this sitter portrait session will be perfect for you to still capture a monumental time in your baby’s life. Few props will be used and of course colours can be requested, I have adoreable tiebacks and outfits should you want them.


Want to take those steps into creating new memories?


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