Can My Husband Be in My Maternity Photoshoot?

Maternity Photography

Is My Husband Allowed To Take Part in The Maternity Session?

As much as a maternity and pregnancy photoshoot about empowering women and encouraging them to embrace their bodies and bond with their babies, it is about celebrating their relationship too. For many clients this is the first time experiencing parenthood and things are about to change in a really big way with the addition of a baby to their family. It is commonly asked about if partners can or should take part and I really do encourage it. It is nice to see the love, the bond. Moments of quiet that I am lucky to capture are usually the most loved images.

It is an enjoyable experience, of giggles and laughter. Read about Cristina’s experience with me here, she came with her partner Richard who also found the experience worthwhile taking part in. Styling is really simple for the men, as my style is contemporary, all that is needed is plain shirts or t-shirts. Jeans or Chinos. Some photographs can be taken without a shirt on, which can be really lovely, particularly in black and white images. Partners can sometimes be shy, so I can be creative and ensure that the poses we use still show love and connection without necessarily showing faces if you don’t wish to. Even if your partner decides that they don’t want to take part, attending the session is really supportive and encouraging. Most change their minds in the end! So if you do want to preserve such a special time, get in touch, get your partner to come along too! See here for details and enquiries about maternity sessions.


Shouting out to another photographer, Natalie Moss the best newborn photographer in Surrey who is writing an educational blog about how to know when you are in labour! Exciting!


  1. Natalie Moss

    These images are stunning!!! Its so lovely to have the partner included in the images.

    • Tianna

      Thank you! Yes, I think so too!

  2. Mya

    It can be hard to get partners involved with mums pregnancy but this is such a great memory to have for them both and their baby in many years to come x x

    • Tianna

      I agree, but it is so so worth it isn’t it? I just love seeing couples together too x x


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