…How Maternity Photography Can Release Your Inner Goddess

Our bodies as women do incredible things. One of which is to host new life and nurture that tiny creation into a beautiful human being. Pregnancy can be so challenging for many of us, even those with the smoothest of pregnancies can often relate to minor concerns like heartburn, backache and the exhaustion.

Suddenly, your body is a mixture of fiery hormones, growing and changing every day and because what the human body can do, the sheer power of the female body has become commonplace and forgotten about. From within, emerges new life. You give birth to who is to be your whole world. That should be honored, respected, protected. It is so easy to feel less than, especially when the focus is nolonger about you. This can be incredibly difficult to navigate. It is also likely you will feel much less than who you truly are and although normal, can be a pretty scary experience for many.

Maternity Photography encourages you to embrace your beautiful body and appreciate the huge changes and sacrifices made when you embark on the journey of motherhood. What is it about you that makes you, YOU? What do you like? Dislike? What makes you stand out? Who is the woman you see?

I always see strength and beauty, inside and out. I love to get to know what is important to you and together we create photographs you are proud of. Ones you look at and say ‘Oh my, is that really me?’ To which I reply, ‘YES. Look at her. Look at YOU.’ The camera doesn’t lie. I capture what I see, so I want to show you that you’re still there.

When you see images like the ones in this blog, what do you think? I see an unapologetically strong, fierce mother who has the power of the universe within. I see a woman who loves who she is and what she stands for. That is why I do what I do. To create strong portraits of women to recognise their potential that is always inside of them.

What is intriguing about a pregnancy is that you won’t ever be pregnant with that baby again. Though it may seem to last for an eternity (especially when approaching full term and beyond) it is such a short time in your life that you will miss when your sweet newborn baby is in your arms.

So come, lets help you love the skin and body you are in. Create photographs to see how amazing you are and always will be. One day, you will look back and thank yourself several times over, for choosing to capture a time in your life where two hearts (or in this mother’s case, three) beat together.


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