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As a mum with young children at home, I am also faced with the questions about why we can’t go to softplay with friends or to the park. I have tried to gently introduce the topic of coronavirus, or covid-19 to my 4 year old who has since been really interested in learning more. So I have compiled a few resources I have accessed and I want to share with you to help educate your children about the coronavirus.

Smyths Toy Store has this incredible short film created with Play Mobil toys to explain about the coronavirus. It provides 5 minutes of easy to understand information describing the virus and what we need to do about social distancing and staying home. I thought the information was great but the fact it was an animation is really good to keep kids engaged!


A Kids Book About Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) by Malia Jones

This amazing little book was written by a scientist who aims to educate children about covid-19. It uses easy to follow infographics and explains in simple terms about how we can reduce the spread of germs. I thought this was great to bring home the importance of hand-washing and so it can be used to reinforce good hand hygiene habits with children. There is contact information too, if teachers want access for distribution to their pupils at home – hello@akidsbookabout.com and a website – www.akidsbookabout.com

The Children’s Guide to Coronavirus

This downloadable guide offers answers to questions that children may have about coronavirus, giving tips on staying safe, protecting others and ways to make the most of being at home. It is brightly coloured and features a practical section for children to write about their feelings. This provides a talking point for some quiet family time and an opportunity to put any fears they might have to rest. There are also amazing links within this PDF for activities you can use to fill your homeschool days including PE with Joe Wicks every morning to learning a new language with Rosetta Stone Memberships which are free for 3 months!


If you know of any resources to teach about coronavirus to children, please let me know? I would love to add them to this list to ensure that all parents get access to them.

Do stay safe and take care!



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