How Your Own Wardrobe Can Influence Your Maternity Portraits

A pregnancy is such an incredible and wonderful time, though what can sometimes be difficult is fashion and maternity wear! So many options to choose from, for varying budgets and this actually makes it a minefield. So, what do you do? I have found some great tips for maternity fashion that might be useful to save you money and keep you looking stylish! A pregnancy is only ever going to be 40 weeks give or take two weeks or so if you go over or your baby decides to arrive earlier than expected. This isn’t a huge amount of time and so you may not want to spend much. Some maternity wear can be really comfortable and that is really important, however it is nice to be trendy too!

Tip #1: Search Your Wardrobe For Lost Loved Pieces

You may find some hidden jems in clothing that you had forgotten about. They might fit your new growing figure in a whole new way that you will love! If it has some stretch to it, you can probably wear it well into the second or even third trimester!

Tip #2: Shop Sparingly!

Your body is changing from month to month and so, keeping up with that and a new wardrobe could be costly. Sticking to the basics and essentials such as comfortable underwear, leggings and vest tops as you can build on these to really customise your look. Consider end-of-season sales and marked down designer wear if you feel like spoiling yourself (why not, after all).

Tip #3: Ensure Your Purchases Can Grow With You!

The great thing about stretchy waistband jeans is they usually last after the pregnancy too! These are great if you have your hands full with a toddler, as well as a newborn baby and jeans which are forgiving can go a long way in terms of comfort and the need to be flexible with a little one fast on their feet.

Tip #4: Bump-Conscious Mothers.

If you aren’t quite ready to introduce your growing bump to the world then try these hacks – oversized jumpers are great, expecially for the Autumn and Winter months, but in the warmer part of the year, blazers are a sure way to keep trendy and low-key until you decide to share your pregnancy news. Or, have a raid in his wardrobe if you can, the mama in the maternity photograph above is wearing her fiance’s denim jacket and although it was for her maternity photoshoot, it looked great on her for pregnancy wear!

Tip #4: Your Feet Will Love You.

As mentioned earler, comfort is a priority although there are some incredibly comfortable heels worn during pregnancy, as you get closer to the due date, you might find you aren’t so keen to wear them. So, stick with trainers, flats and boots! Boots can go with anything if you aren’t particularly interested in sportswear. Again, these sit quite nicely amongst a pair of comfy leggings, oversized jumper or blazer! Blouses and loose fit tops will go nicely with these, as will a pair of Nikes.

Tip #5: Consider a Mini Maternity Collection Section in Your Wardrobe.

Getting nearer to the end can make it harder to find inspiration to dress stylish and it can be ever more frustrating when searching for items to wear. Make a little mini section in your wardrobe just for your maternity clothing and so you have quick, easy access to your best bump wear. Have you considered renting clothing? It may seem an unusual concept but check out Bundle ‘n’ Joy, an incredible maternity wear rental service offering environmental sustainability and fashionable maternity and pregnancy wear at a friendly, affordable rate. With a variety of dresses, leggings, tops and evening wear, you are likely to find something to suit you, your budget, the environment too! Especially for one off pieces to attend a wedding or formal event. If you are a expecting mother to be and like what you see on Bundle ‘n’ Joy, sign up and you can get access to subscriber only specials! 


Tip #6: Accessories!!

Belts are incredible accessories to add to your maternity wear, they are always fashionable and can be worn with dresses and tops etc. A handy bonus is they can match your shoes and handback, so use them to dress up a maternity outfit that needs some colour. 

Tip #7: Don’t get Rid of Clothes Yet!

The truth is, maternity wear is super comfortable and you are going to want to continue to be after your baby is born. So don’t rush to get rid of your maternity items just yet. You might even find as yu embrace the new you, you’ll embrace your new fashion too!

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