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That Pregnancy Glow: The Beautiful Science Behind It


We’ve all heard the term ‘pregnancy glow.’ It’s a phrase most commonly used to describe the radiant complexion that so many expecting mothers experience. But is the pregnancy glow just a myth, or is there actually some scientific truth behind this phenomenon? Let’s explore the world of hormones, blood flow, and skin changes that give this special time in a woman’s life a complete shine of its own.


What Is Pregnancy Glow?


Firstly, let’s clarify what is meant by ‘pregnancy glow.’ It’s often used to describe the dewy, rosy, and stunningly radiant appearance of the skin seen in many pregnant women. Friends, family, and even strangers might compliment you on your ‘glowing’ skin when you’re expecting. This noticeable change is quite common and not just a figment of people’s imagination.

**The Science Behind the Glow**

So what causes the so-called pregnancy glow? It’s not magic, but science! When you’re pregnant, your body goes through a whole range of hormonal changes. There are two main scientific reasons why this glow occurs:


Increased Blood Volume and Circulation


During a pregnancy, your body produces more blood — up to 50% more! This increased blood flow isn’t just vital for supplying nutrients to your growing baby; it also has a significant impact on your skin. With more blood circulating beneath the skin’s surface, a radiant, blush-like effect is created. This is good for you! Think of it as your body’s natural blush illuminating your face. In addition, the increased blood flow can cause your skin to secrete more oil, giving you a dewy, shiny appearance — hence the term ‘pregnancy glow.’


Hormonal Changes


Let’s not forget the hormones. Pregnancy is a hormone-heavy time! We can all agree that they play havoc on our bodies. Specifically, the hormones human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG, the hormone that confirms a pregnancy) and progesterone ramp up during pregnancy. These hormones stimulate the glands on your skin to produce more oil, which results in a shinier, smoother complexion. This boost in oil production can be a mixed blessing however, as it can also lead to pregnancy-related skin issues like acne in some.


Is Pregnancy Glow a Given?


Now, not every woman will experience the “pregnancy glow”. Factors such as skin type, genetics, and overall health can influence your skin’s appearance during your pregnancy. If you’re one of the mothers-to-be dealing with pregnancy acne instead of the coveted glow, know that you’re not alone and it’s completely normal!


Glowing from Inside Out


In a nutshell, that pregnancy glow isn’t just a myth—it’s the result of a combination of physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. While this glow can be a total confidence booster and make you feel amazing remember, the real joy of pregnancy comes from the life growing inside you. After all, nothing can outshine the anticipation and excitement of meeting your precious baby for the first time.

To all the mothers-to-be out there, enjoy every moment of your pregnancy journey, glowing or not. One thing for certain, is that a maternity photoshoot will absolutely preserve your memories and experience of pregnancy before your baby is born.

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