What Happens after you book your maternity photoshoot experience?

Maternity Photography

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You’ve finally booked your maternity session! Full of ideas and excitement as well as nerves and anticipation. 

So what do you need to do now? Well shortly after booking in, you will receive a maternity photography session confirmation email with the date and times confirmed. 

Within this email, there will be details on the studio address as well as parking information and fees. Further down will be the contact information on the makeup artists I use as I adore their work, their presence and attention to the details. They are happy to meet you at my studio in the Jewellery Quarter around an hour ahead of your start time if your session is in the morning.

There is a contact number and link to their social media for you to review before getting in contact. You are also welcome to make your own arrangements too.


Professional Maternity Photoshoot in Birmingham
Unique Maternity Photoshoot in Birmingham

As well as the terms and conditions you are to sign prior to attending your maternity photoshoot, you will receive a questionnaire to complete. This is where you can include your ideas, some inspiration and who will be attending with you. You can tell me about the colours, themes, styles and concepts you are thinking about and I will use this as a basis for conversations going forward with planning your maternity photoshoot.

Ideas include, artistic nude, creative tulle, crop tops and day wear clothing (maxi dresses, kaftans, shirts, jeans) and fabrics such as chiffon, calico, satins and poplin. Here is a short selection of what you can consider for your photoshoot but spend time researching and share your ideas with me.

Artistic Nude Maternity Ideas Tianna J-Williams Photography Birmingham
Maternity Dress Red Tulle Tianna J-Williams Photography
Simple Crop Tops Maternity Photoshoot Ideas Pregnant Mother Maternity Photoshoot
Floating Fabric Maternity Ideas Tianna J-Williams Photography Birmingham

It is entirely up to you how creative your session is, it can be quite intensively styled or beautifully simple. This depends on your personality and what you want to achieve for your maternity photography portraits. Ideas grow and change, which is fine and if you want to do something different, please do let me know and we can work on the plans. Your partner, husband and other children are also welcome to take part too! So start thinking about what they might wear and share your thoughts with me. We can spend the time we need to curate ideas and options and work out styling. Whether you want fashion inspired and editorial or very low key and simple, together we can choose the best option for you. 


So what else can you do to prepare? Often clients practice posing in the mirror, this simply helps them to get comfortable and familiar with the poses they would love to have. But you can also think about how you will have your hair too! The other preparations can include nails, skin care and other beauty treatments too. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered?


I have chosen incredibly decicated and skilled makeup artists to provide you with a flawless look to your pregnancy session.  Options, styles and considerations are discussed in advance to ensure your look is achieved. Should you require hair styling, then that can be offered too!


At Tianna J-Williams Photography, I use various pieces of jewellery and accessories to style your session with as well as hats! Hats are my most favourite accessory to use. So if these are things that you’d like, let me know! Sometimes it is hard thinking of new ideas for your pregnancy photoshoot and that is totally fine, I am more than happy to guide, support and assist you all the way through the process. I am looking forward to meeting you! Let’s keep in touch on the run up to your maternity session photoshoot day!


If you are thinking about booking a maternity session or want to know more about pregnancy photography and other sessions available, please get in touch.


Speak soon,







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