What Happen’s During A Newborn Baby Photography Session

Newborn Baby Photography

I absolutely love meeting these newborn babies!


At just 6 weeks old, a little beauty travelled up from London with her parents for Christmas and even managed to fit in her Newborn Photography Portrait session with me. One of the things that parent worry about with an older newborn is whether they will actually sleep. But they do! They can do just as well as a younger baby and that is very reassuring and pleasing to the parents and I.  Have a read of my blog: Preparing Your Newborn Baby for Their Portrait Photography Session to learn more about the details I provide for getting the best out of the sessions.


So What Happens During a Newborn Photography Session?

Typically on arrival, I welcome you into my home studio, which is comfy, cosy and warm. More often than not, parents can be a little bit stressed about the journey because babies are unpredictable and that is totally fine, normal and to be expected. Firstly, sit down, have a breather and relax! So I like to talk about YOU! Find out more about how things have been since the birth of your newborn baby and what you are slowly getting to grips with (or not) as a trained midwife, I am well versed in the care of newborns and as a mother myself, I am pretty much in the same boat, following the same journey too. I find it is great to know that you aren’t the only one to find something unusual or difficult and that is reassuring. Especially when you can receive some support, advice or signposting on where you can get more information if you need it. As you are getting comfy, I will encourage you to feed your baby, and undress them so that they are ready for me to take over and start wrapping. Babies sleep best on a full stomach so this is highly recommended at the very beginning. I will also increase the heat as the temperature of the room can drop quite quickly as you’ve come in and so can your little one. This is uncomfortable for her so it is ideal to keep the temperature lovely and warm. It is at this point parent say ‘I’ve had very little sleep, last night’ as they become aware of just how relaxing it is, to which I reply with ‘have a snooze if you’d like!’ Sessions generally last 3-4 hours, including soothing and settling your precious new baby.

Usually I will have received confirmation from parents on colour schemes but I am always happy to talk you through it on the day. I have a range of colours and different fabrics to choose from. I will suggest up to 3 different colours so that you have some variety to choose from at your viewing and ordering session


Aaaaannnnnd…… SLEEP.

Once your baby has fallen asleep at the breast or after a bottle feed, that would be the time that I take over and get started with the wrapping. I like to play ‘Womb Sounds‘ on Youtube – try it! It is lovely and encourages sleep for everyone! I wrap your baby on my lap, keeping him safe and warm as this reduces their risk of waking or any moro reflexes that might wake them. Babies LOVE to be wrapped up, it is similar to the cozy environment of your womb and that was their most well known place before birth. I hear parents tell me how amazing this part is as sometimes it can be hard to get their babies to sleep. Whilst I woudn’t recommend the same wrapping techniques for night time sleep or naps during the day, swaddling has been known to work very well.

Once wrapped, snuggled and in a deep slumber, I will begin with posing your baby. I have invested in a lot of intensive training to gain the skills for safe, effective newborn posing and that is paramount for any newborn photographer to get to grips with. What gives me an edge is my knowledge in the care of newborn babies and so I know early signs of your baby being uncomfortable.

There are many newborn poses and adjustments I make to produce beautiful photographs of your baby. However, there is a pose called ‘Froggie’ that isn’t recommended after your baby is 21 days old because of their hip flexion.


Pee and Poop

It happens!! Don’t worry! I have been peed and pooped on several times I am used to it so don’t be embarrassed! Most of the poses I do, I tend to keep nappies on. There are some that I may take it off and it is just a risk I have to accept! All my products are washed with Fairy Non-Bio before use.


Oh, Hi Baby!

Sometimes, and usually with older babies but not exclusive to younger ones – they will wake up and have a good look around. I don’t worry if they do wake up, it is always a joy to see how your little baby works with me and my camera. Often gazing right into my lens. These shots are always so wonderful to have in a gallery. If I am lucky, I may even catch a smile which is delightful! Particularly at 6 weeks, babies are becoming more aware of their environment and take everything in. Also wriggling and moving their body and so I make an effot to capture this. It is typically at this point when babies want to feed and so if they aren’t letting me know about it already, I had her back to you. This is also comforting to them and in most cases we can continue with the session again as they fall back to sleep.


The End is in Sight!

I know, it has been almost 4 hours but as I wrap up the end of the session, I invite you to be a part of their memory making! It is always nice to have a portrait with your baby at the end. Imagine, these are photographs they can share with their grandchildren. How powerful is that? Creating a legacy. It is so important to be present in those photographs. For yourself to look back at and being grateful as that time will never come back. For your children to look at and see how much love and pride you show just holding them in your arms and just for that moment, everything is on hold as you bathe in the love you share that brought your tiny person into the world!


Thank you..

What next? Well thank you so much for choosing me. It is such a huge privilege to be chosen to capture such a special time for you. A huge time of growth, changing identity and learning can  be difficult and challenging, sometimes stressful and this is a really positive way to savour the best of it. I now spend time carefully retouching your beautiful images and in about 3 weeks time, I will invite you to return and we can enjoy them together and discuss your favourites and what products to invest in to decorate your home with.


Are you considering having newborn photography? See more here about what is available or complete the contact form below. You can email or schedule a telephone call at a convenient time.


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