Framing Your Images 

Digital images are perfect to have, you can make so many copies of your images. Sharing your photographs has never been easier, thanks to social media and this means that you can instantly show off your new memories in an instant. However, once the buzz has died down, the newfeeds roll by and new content is posted, the photographs are forgotten.


They may be on your computers hard drive, safely backed up or sitting on the USB in the drawer at home. After such an investment into your precious and most cherished memories, it is such a shame to leave your photos in waiting.


You may have read my recent blog about ensuring you invest in quality prints, or a blog from earlier this year about how the walls of your home should be decorated with prints and wall art and both tell the importance of doing so as well as the value you get from that which is never ending.

Being able to touch and feel your wall art, see the beauty in the details and be taken back to the moments they were captured or remembering why. 


The image above is one of my favourites of a maternity photography client who visited me in March, shortly before her baby was born. I love the digital file but seeing this photograph on a huge 36×24 framed print, glass-free meaning you can touch the image and see the quality for yourself. The colours  are rich and deep, the image is proud and strong. What more would you want to see when you walk into a room in your home that you love, seeing your beautiful, modern and contemporary maternity photograph displayed so proudly. Or your newborn baby’s photography session images decorating the walls of the hallway and a proud family photograph in your living room. These are what makes a home lived in. So come to your viewing and ordering sessoin and lets plan your new photography displays for your home! I can’t wait to see what you decide from your gallery.


Speaking of photographic memories, an inspiration of mine and fellow photographer Maddy Rogers who is based in Grimsby writes about Parent and Baby photos and its worth a read if you want to preserve your family memories.


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