Reviews: How They Help a Small Busines Grow!

Building a business from scratch can be a tough, exciting, daunting adventure and with so many photographers locally and nationally, it is always on my mind to do something to stand out. I am exceptionally proud of my award winning maternity photography, which recently gained me an international title: Rising Photographer of The Year in the Maternity Category! This meant that my work was of such a standard to be recognised and critiqued in a way deemed of a high standard in two years of being a business. I can’t tell you how amazed and excited and humbled I felt to receive this award. To have been considered in such a manner alongside some of the best work in the world!


I want to shout from the rooftops about it! I do, it is on my home page and social media as an amazing achievement from my own creativity and with an incredible model named Lenai Nisbett during her pregnancy.


So! What is the point of reviews you might ask? There are many reasons why a review can help a small business like mine. Firstly, as a happy and contented customer who is pleased with their investment, kind words and appreciation mean that you are as overjoyed as I am to create beautiful photographs.


Social Proofing! Have you heard that term before? It is simple, it means that the more reviews you read and see, gives you the confidence and assurance that I am reputable and you will get value and worth from your investment in my services. Reviews fuel my credibility and integrity and I am always grateful the feedback I receive, they help me to grow, tailor what I offer to clients and the positivity serves to drive me forwards. They also encourage others to write reviews which helps to strengthen my brand and reach to others who may be looking for a photographer near their location or further afield. You trust someone who you know has been booked by a friend, family member or colleague and so again, word-of-mouth is probably the strongest social proof and I have been exceptionally lucky to be chosen for a number of different sessions across maternity, newborn and family.


Being descriptive in your review helps so much, simply because it helps to outline the details of what you liked the most about choosing me as your maternity and newborn photographer, this will also help others to decide. It is always the smallest of details which mean the most and have the most impact. The way I spoke to your baby, comforted or supported you during a maternity session. It is all part of the service that I love to provide.


Value is important to me, I want all of you who choose me to feel that you received value as well as stunning photographs and so talking about your images and products you buy also informs others about what to expect and more.


They can help so many customers save time when looking for a photographer. Your incredible words speak for themselves and this means that others will not have to search for too long because your reviews will show exactly why choosing me for their photography needs is a huge benefit for us both.


Talking about why you wanted to have some photographs will likely be similar to why others want to and help them understand what they want and be able to describe that when considering a photographer.


Your reviews encourage others to seek me on social media to interact with me and see what I am up to.

Want to write one? I would love to see what you think! There are many places you can leave reviews and two of the most popular are Facebook and Google.

I learned today that my blog has been featured on https://blog.feedspot.com/uk_newborn_photography_blogs/ as one of the Top 10 UK Newborn Photography Blogs which is great, to be noticed as a respectable contributor with content for all to read and share! How awesome. Have a look at the other amazing photographers there too such as Sarah Wilkes and Little White Photography both incredible artists whom I admire and adore for their skill, technique and brand. So if you are near by, do go and check them out!

I can’t wait to see new reviews, I love to read and respond to them. Click the links below!


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