“…You Make it” – Ansel Adams.


Choosing a professional photographer to capture your memories is a task that requires huge investment. I don’t just mean a monetary commitment to preserving what means the most to you but also an investment of your time and energy into finding the right person to do the job.


For me, my ethos is similar to that of Ansel Adams who was a famous photographer from America and he captured landscapes using Film Photography techniques to develop images. One of his famous quotes is what this blog is about.


I believe that I don’t just ‘take photographs’ for my clients, I – no, WE make them. Using my skills and your vision, together we achieve a collection of beautiful photographs that hold a moment in time that we can never get back. Photography is only a small part in the process of that. Your memories are important, to both of us. They are special, wanted and loved. They have the ability to take us back to that moment in an instant and just for a few seconds, we can enjoy it as though it happened all over again.


I like to provide more than just photos to clients who choose me, I deliver an experience that includes professionalism, quality, care and comfort. It is paramount that when you choose me to take your photographs, you are confident in my ability to provide them.  That is from the very beginning of your enquiry, through to the end – delivery of your products. This is value for your investment of time, energy, effort – and money. When buying photographs, sometimes we wonder why it has such a large financial element to it. Often it comes down to whether it is worth having, worth investing in, worth experiencing. The value of what you get in total and what that means to you.




Photographs like this image above which is included in the Full Newborn Photography Experience (see here) are a joy to capture but what a beautiful moment between a father and his son. When looking at this photograph I see that baby boy S.won’t fit in his Daddy’s arms like this, for much longer as he grows and grows each day.


But I do know that their love will grow with them as they enter each new day, learning more and more about each other. We didn’t just take this photograph, we made it. From it being a tiny idea in my mind, to deciding on the technical aspects such as lighitng, posing, angles and of course just observing what happens naturally and using my camera to just capture that moment as it happens.


When parents return to view their galleries; usually another 3-4 weeks after their photography session, I share in that moment with them, the emotion in the room is hard to ignore. Sometimes tears are shed and I always feel that lump in my throat too. It affects me so deeply and that is what I strive to provide for everyone, because I know it is far too special to not take advantage of those early days. The realisation that the tiny baby in their arms now was even smaller and how quickly time has passed since. We often don’t realise until we reflect on it.


Every step of the way in the journey of capturing memories, I am there with you. I feel like I become a part of you and a relationship with your family is made. This is what making photographs is about. Even though once that journey has ended, you will always have those photographs to look back on.



Most importantly, printing your images and hanging them up proudly in your home will envoke a sense of pride an ownership, strong self worth. Photographs aren’t made to sit in a drawer, or on a lonely USB where nobody will enjoy their meaning and value anymore. A fast moving digital era has long been upon us and with camera phones being in almost every single pocket, photos are taken every day but do not leave the 250gb handsets.


So show off your memories, your love, your joy, your family, your children, your pregnancy, your precious newborn, the day you said ‘I do…’


Let those who you welcome into your home see the beauty that you enjoy every day and chose to be remembered in a special way that will outlast the very meaning of time.

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