5 Things for Pregnant Mothers To Be To Think About When Birth Planning

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As you embark on this extraordinary journey into motherhood, it’s time to start envisioning the birth experience you desire. A well-thought-out birth plan can help ensure a smooth arrival for you and your newborn baby. As a maternity photographer and previously a midiwfe who has had the privilege of capturing countless precious moments at birth and as a pregnancy photographer, I’m thrilled to share five key considerations for your birth plan. Let’s make sure every detail is as perfect as the moments we’ll capture together.

1. Choose Your Birthing Environment:

Selecting the right birthing environment is crucial for a positive experience. Consider whether a hospital, midwife-led birth centre, or home birth aligns with your preferences.

Each option offers unique advantages, so explore the facilities, meet the staff if you can arrange visits, and decide where you feel most comfortable. Of course, there will be unique considerations, depending on your health and your unborn baby’s health so do discuss with your named midwife and consultant, if you have one.

Your peace of mind is the first step toward creating a serene atmosphere for your baby’s arrival.


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  1. Define Your Birth Team:

Surround yourself with support!  Communicate openly with your midwife, and doula (if you have one) to ensure they understand your desires and expectations. Having a team that shares your vision will enhance the birth experience and create an environment of trust and reassurance. It’s like having a team of experts working behind the scenes to make your dream birth a reality. Most of all, of you are to have your spouse with you, let them know what you will need ahead of time. Some pregnant mothers to be want to have their mothers, a sister or other female relative and sometimes a friend with them for encouragement.

  1. Outline Your Birth Preferences:

Your birth preferences are the personalised touches that make your experience uniquely yours. Consider aspects such as pain management options, birthing positions, and your preferred atmosphere. Share your wishes with your midwife or consultant and ensure they are documented in your birth plan. These details will help you feel more relaxed and cared for during one of the most incredible times in your life. 

  1. Plan for Unexpected Scenarios:

While we always hope for a smooth journey and for the most part it is, it’s essential to plan for unexpected changes in the course of birth. Discuss potential complications with your midwifery & consultant team and outline your preferences in case of detours from your original plan. Preparing for the unexpected shows resilience and ensures that your birth team is on the same page, ready to adapt to any situation while maintaining your comfort and safety. You will also be aware of the changes that may happen, thus being much better prepared for it.

  1. Capture the Moments with a Maternity Photographer:

Now, let’s talk about adding a touch of luxury to your birth plan. Consider including a professional maternity photographer to document the extraordinary moments of your pregnancy. Imagine having breathtaking images that capture the raw emotions, strength, and beauty of you! Pregnancy is such a short time in the grand scheme of it all and you deserve to have incredible memories and experiences ahead of your new baby’s arrival. Our Birmingham based studio sees clients from as far as London, Nottingham, Derby and Liverpool and we are proud of our ability to deliver beautiful pregnancy photography that stand out from the rest. 


Crafting your birth plan is an exciting and empowering step toward the arrival of your precious one. By choosing the right birthing environment, assembling a supportive birth team, outlining your preferences, planning for unexpected scenarios, and adding a touch of luxury with a maternity photographer, you’re well on your way to creating a birth experience that is uniquely yours. Embrace the journey, lets save the moments. I can’t wait to capture the beauty of your motherhood story.

Maternity Photoshoot in Birmingham, Pregnancy, Maternity Session
Maternity Photoshoot in Birmingham, Pregnancy, Maternity Session, Birmingham maternity photoshoot.




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