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Timeless elegance. Sophistication. Sensuality.

Here we create a truly unparalleled experience and our esteemed team with Tianna, our Hair and Makeup artists and assistants are dedicated to upholding a luxurious atmosphere, tailored to celebrate your unique beauty and femininity.

Boudoir photography is more than a mere collection of sensual images – it is an oppurtunity to fall in love with with your innermost self, a chance to unveil the grace and allure that resides within. With the artistic expertise to create breathtaking portraits, capturing the essence of your individuality and elevating it to the highest echelons of refinement, all you need to do is be your incredibly phenomenal self. 

Sensual and Beautiful Boudoir shoot, empowering, strong women. Birmingham, Tianna J-WIlliams Photography.
Artistic Nude Boudoir Photography in Birmingham by Tianna
Low key boudoir photoshoot in Birmingham, Black lingerie for a photoshoot.

About Boudoir

Welcome to Tianna J-Williams Photography, where we specialize in capturing the beauty, strength, and empowerment of every individual through the art of boudoir photography. Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing space where you can embrace your unique self, celebrate your journey, and ignite your confidence. Our talented team, led by Tianna J-Williams, is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience that not only produces stunning imagery but also fosters a profound sense of self-love and self-value. Through our lens, boudoir photography transforms into a powerful tool for personal growth, reminding you that your essence is something to be cherished and celebrated. Join us for a transformative and empowering photographic journey that will forever redefine the way you perceive yourself.

Masked Boudoir and Beauty photoshoot in Birmingham
Minimalist boudoir photography, lingerie and masks photoshoot, Birmingham Boudoir Tianna J-Williams Photography
Classic, maternity photography black and white pregnancy photoshoot
I am really nervous, is that normal?

It is absolutely normal to feel a little nervous for your boudoir session so please, don’t worry. The large majority of our clients are so nervous when we get started. However, once you arrive and your hair and makeup has started, you will start feeling comfortable, beautiful and confident.

What is the process once I have booked?

Every single session is created with you in mind, tailored to your exact needs and requirements. An in-person consultation is available if you wish, to explore ideas, which include styling, colours, posing and wardrobe. We can discuss your expectations so that you have full awareness of the plan for your boudoir photoshoot. Once booked in, you will receive support to help you prepare as well as a consultation to plan.

What do I wear for my boudoir photoshoot?

What you wear is up to you! But if you are not sure, our consultations help you to decide and determine what you want to wear. Whether it is a sensual, shoot with incredible lingere, draped fabric or an embellished tulle gown – your session is all about you. 

What happens on the day of my maternity photoshoot?

The session lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours, including changes of clothing, backdrop changes, posing and lighting. As your family may be present, your maternity photography will include photographs of yourself and a variety with your children (if you have them) and your partner/husband if present. After your session, you are invited back to a viewing and ordering appointment to view your stunning pregnancy photographs back at our Birmingham studio. This is where you will choose and pay for your favourite images, chosen collection and upgrades as well as wall art.

Where is the studio?

The studio is based in The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. The address is 14, Hylton Street, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B18 6HN.

What does the photoshoot day include?

Boudor Sessions Include:

  • In-person consultation to create your bespoke session and prepare for your day
  • Access to wardrobe, styling and accessories
  • Premium quality prints and products
  • Hair and Makeup on your session day
  • Guided Photoshoot, with support with posing
  • Guided Viewing and Ordering Appointment
I don't want to do nude posing, is it required?

Your session is tailored to your needs and requirements and whilst some clients want to have nude photographs, you do not have to. Many clients opt for fully clothed, or wear sheer clothes and fabric. 

Will my image be private?

Privacy is taken seriously and your maternity images will not be used in any way without your PRIOR permission.

What products can I buy?

There is a range of premium products available to purchase, including beautiful albums, framed wall art pieces and stunning prints. You can see a selection of these at the studio.

How long does it take to see my images?

You can expect your viewing to take place between 2 and 4 weeks after your maternity session. We can offer an express service, at an additional fee. 

I have never had a photoshoot before, I don't know how to pose or what do to!

You will be taken care of! As a professional photographer, your safety is of utmost priority as well as enabling you to get the best out of your session. The aim and philosophy is always to make sure you look and feel no less than your best. With creative lighting techniques, gentle guidance and encouragement, you will have incredibly beautiful, unique photographs that stand out from the rest.

Black and White masked Sensual Boudoir Women of Colour Mask Birmingham Tianna J-Williams Photography
40th Birthday Boudoir Birmingham Tianna J-Williams Photography

“The woman who does not require validation from anyone else is the most feared individual on the planet” – Mohadesa Najumi

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