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Newborn Baby Photography

Your Baby’s legacy starts with the photographs of their life.

Newborn Baby Photographer in Birmingham

About The Sessions:

Capturing the earliest moments of their precious life is the first steps to creating life long, timeless memories to cherish forever. Being able to see themselves in pictures from the very beginning has been proven to boost self esteem. Its easy for these days to pass by so quickly, your baby changes every day. Investing in Tianna to ensure these moments aren’t missed ensures that you can remember them forever, celebrating the new life, lovingly created. 


When To Book A Newborn Session:

The best time to book in for your newborn photography session is around 7-14 days of age, when your baby is most sleepy and able to curl up into beautiful womb poses. However this timing is flexible as each mother and her baby is unique, sessions can be accepted up to 5 months. Please note, after around 6 weeks, your baby is likely to be more alert and the sleepiest of poses are not guaranteed. It is recommended that you get in touch around the 20 week mark of your pregnancy following the detailed scan, because only a limited number of sessions are available in each month, to ensure that you receive a high quality and unforgettable experience. 


Preparation For Your Newborn Photography:

Every single session is created with you in mind, tailored to your exact needs and requirements. The style of the images is clean and the focus is always on your beautiful baby. A telephone consultation, or in person if you so wish is to explore ideas which include styling, colours, poses can be accommodated. Expectations are discussed so you are fully aware of what will happen during the session, which is typically 3-4 hours long to allow for feeding and settling your newborn baby. When you are booked in, you will receive access to a Newborn Photography Guide which helps you to be prepared for your session. Partners are welcome, as well as siblings of your baby for family portraits.

Styling, Clothing, Wardrobe:

You will find a collection of beautiful, colourful fabrics, a selection of clothing and dresses made available for you to use. A makeup artist can be arranged for your session should you so wish, or you are welcome to prepare your own.

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