Newborn Photography

“Couldn’t have chosen a better photographer for my daughter’s newborn shoot! Tianna’s service and attention to detail is amazing! She was patient with a baby who refused to sleep and wanted to spend the entire session feeding! The themes, ideas and props she has are out of this world and I’m beyond excited to get my final images! Thank you again for creating memories that will last a lifetime.”


M. Crooks, Newborn Photography

In that very moment, when you gaze into the eyes of your newborn baby, you start to learn of a love you’ve never felt before. A strong feeling of overwhelm, worry, joy and excitement of the new life you are to live.

Congratulations, the newest member of your family is due to arrive soon, if he or she hasn’t been born yet. Capturing the earliest moments of their precious life is the first steps to creating life long, timeless memories to cherish forever. Being able to see themselves in pictures from the very beginning has been proven to boost self esteem. Its easy for these days to pass by so quickly, through the sleep-deprived nights, feeds and endless nappy changes. Investing in a photographer to ensure these moments aren’t missed ensures that you can remember them forever.

When Do I Book My Newborn Baby Photography?

The recommended age for your newborn baby to have his or her portrait session is around 14 days of age. Just when your newborn is their sleepiest for the session and still flexible enough to curl up into sweet newborn poses, safely. The sessions are usually 3-4 hours, with a mixute of posing your newborn baby on their own  and with you. Siblings too, if there are any. Each session is bespoke and designed with you in mind, from colours and props to poses.

Do I Need To Bring Anything For My Newborn Baby?

Please bring your usual baby bag with all essentials to ensur the comfort of your baby whilst out. This includes nappies, wipes, muslin cloths. To read more about prepping for your newborn baby’s session, read here.

To preserve your beautiful newborn baby’s earliest moments, click below to embark on your Newborn Experience

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