Children’s Brands Collaboration!


So, I had decided it was worth collaborating with a number of small businesses who specialise in products such as clothing, accessories and toys for our little ones.

In the end, six AMAZING children’s brands decided to work with me (as well as others) to share our ideas and skills to help one another.

The products are amazing! My own little girl fell in love with them!

My aim to recruit little models to pose in from of my lens to advertise the children’s brands initially started off with just reaching out for interest but my goodness, I have to say that I got more than I had bargained for! There was no way I could have chosen myself and so, I allocated a number to each lovely entrant and randomly selected them!

Between the 10th and 11th May, I photographed 6 amazing little babies between 5 months and 2 years! It was energetic and fun! You can view some of their images below! 


Read below to find out more about each Children’s Brand! Click the Image to view their websites and social media pages!






Snap Bright offers a variety of children’s wear and accessories such as rompers, vests, blankets and nursery decor.  It started off by Sophie, a mother of boy/girl twins who wanted to dress her little ones in matching clothing and thus, Snap Bright was born! If you are keen on a contemporary looking brand, then Snap Bright may have what you are looking for.

When Two Became Three


When Two Became Three designs a plethora of wooden children’s toys which have a classic feel but a modern style to them. They are long lasting, educational, fun, durable and result in endless playtime for your children. Non-toxic and made from natural products, they are safe for little ones who love to nibble on their toys, especially when teething. 


Peek A Booo


Peek A Booo is a baby and children’s brand offering a variety of cute products for babies and toddlers. From various coloured headbands through to knitted hats, mittens and socks that match and adorned with ribbons in great colours and sizes. There are also little sandals and shoes for protecting those tiny toes and feet!

Eric & Albert’s Crafts


Eric and Albert’s Crafts design small wooden toys and items in an eco-friendly way and all handmade from home! Using naturally sourced materials and eco-friendly, non-toxic paints and products, you can count on these toys to be safe for your children to use. As all pieces are handcrafted, you can count on them being very unique, as no toy will be exactly the same. Their products are underpinned by the values of Montessori and Waldorf approaches to raising children and therefore encourages imagination and creativity!

Rockabye Designs



This awesome children’s brand designs little items with great slogans across for babies and children, soon to laugh products for Mums and Grandmothers too!

The design is fresh and contemporary, wearable with anything and the makeup bags are the perfect size to fit into your handbag! Which is great, as most of our handbags become filled with things for our children!

Baby Sweet Pea



Designs colourful baby teething products and nursery and bedroom products for babies and children.

All items are safety tested and babies just love them. We all know that teething can be such a difficult time for babies and us too, knowing how to manage it in a safe and sometimes non-pharmacological way is what suits us best. Teething can seem as though it lasts forever, so have a look at the products! 


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