I have to say, what an amazing Summer break this has been? The weather has been lovely, albeit ‘too hot” we can’t complain that this summer has been so good to us with the continued sunshine. My other half works full time and had a week of annual leave planned from the 23rd July so surprised Olivia and I with a little family trip down to Weston-Super-Mare!

Ridiculously excited, we spent the Sunday night packing (and resting as I second shot a Wedding the day before). I was more excited for Olli, we knew that she had more understanding of the sand and sea (swimming, she calls it) so she would really enjoy it more. We talked about sandcastles and chips (YUM) as well as just a well-deserved break for us all.

The drive down wasn’t too bad, I do feel slightly anxious when planning lengthy journeys with a toddler in the car although we would have stopped on the way down if we needed to.

When we arrived, we parked in a nice car park – it is a multi-storey one with plenty of spaces. The payment instructions were a little crazy but we figured it out!

Our next stop was to get into the hotel and check in with our stuff before heading over to the beach. We booked into a Premier Inn with Breakfast and Dinner as part of the package! Our room was awesome! We had a great view of The Big Wheel which Olivia loved to look at so much!

So with all our stuff dumped in the room and Olivia had finished saying ‘Woooow’, we left out to go and see!

The summer holidays hadn’t yet started for the school children there and so the Beach was not too busy and we could find a nice spot to chill out. As soon as we got there Olli was ready to get into the sand to make sandcastles!

Just look at the concentration and determination just oozing from her! She was having so much fun and we had only just got there! The best thing was just being able to let her get messy and play imaginatively. The weather was warm and lovely. I realised how much I had missed that salty taste in the air and the feel of freedom!

As a parent, I always worried so much about what Olivia ate or what she was doing! ‘No Olli, don’t do ]insert command here and why].’ As you can see in the image above, she wasn’t much fussed about eating her sand covered lollipop. But she was having fun!


Sand covered skittles!!


she doesn’t really eat them but she sure didn’t mind giving them a lick to stick into her sandcastles. We spent three days down in Weston-Super-Mare, it was only just over 100 miles from our home, Birmingham but we really didn’t want to leave.

I could have taken so many more images but I really wanted us to enjoy the moment!

It is so important to live the best life that you can. There is nothing more precious than being present in that time.

What a lovely trip! Faultless drive down as well as back home, boo! We had such fun together. A few more images taken for the family album I really need to get printed out. There are a few here that I will stick in a frame. I want to always be reminded of that freedom, togetherness, love and fun that is the essence of what being a family means to me.

Did you do anything this Summer Break? I would love to hear about your adventures, big and small!

Speak soon, T x

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