As a parent myself and having regular contact with parents, we use the available resources to try to understand more about what is happening as our children grow. I have been a HUGE fan of The Wonder Weeks, both as an App on the App Store and also the book (freely available to loan from your local library or bought online via Amazon. I am probably recommending it every other session now, from newborn sessions through to sitter sessions. This book, backed up with evidence-based research enables parents to have a deep understanding of child development and understanding patterns of growth and learning. What I really love is that the App takes into account your baby’s due date as opposed to date of birth meaning that even if your baby was born earlier or later than expected, you can still have an idea of when your baby is making new ‘leaps’.

There is nothing better than an insight into what your baby’s brain is up to, because they cannot quite tell you themselves. The ground-breaking research offers parents reassurance that the sleeplessness, irritability and regression is only temporary and how to gently support your baby through these phases over the next 20 months of their life. A really good feature is that it can sync with your calendar and so, you can have a notification of an impending ‘storm’ and the descriptions tell you what to look out for, what to expect your baby is learning to do and how you can support them. Parenting is a minefield and a challenge to navigate the unsolicited advice, so this guide is a breath of non-judgemental fresh air. The app, isn’t as fully comprehensive as the book straight from the app store however, you can purchase the chapters for £0.99p as you go along. I must say, there is plenty of information provided free of charge!

So if you are looking for a research based parenting app that will really help you, is opinion free and intuitive, this is the one to get!

This week, Claire Butler offering baby photography in Belfast and she’s written about studio sessions vs a home session which is useful for parents to read when deciding what session to suit them best.


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