Keeping Busy During Self-Isolation: Using The Time To Learn and Grow!

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By now, most if not all of us will be feeling the effects and impact on all aspects of our work and personal lives due to Coronavirus. So many hopes, dreams and aspirations for 2020 being ‘the year’ to achieve! The start of a new decade and for some, the hope of the pain of the most recent past would soon start to ease. However, huge changes have had to be enforced, such as the closures of schools to the majority of school aged children, workplaces and many, many businesses closing for the foreseeable future and the move to home working and home education, it is an overwhelming time of adjustment and change. There is an overwhelming sense of loss, of lifestyles, jobs and freedoms.



With a business like mine, which is first and foremost a customer facing one, I have had to close my studio doors for now which as been incredibly sad. I have had to reschedule sessions including maternity, newborn and even weddings until either later in the year through to 2021!



This sounds so negative.. So sad for what is not to be anymore. Yet there is a positive, a different perspective to consider.



The world has given us the gift of time. These moments we should be using to slow down and gain a new appreciation for the littlest things, if you have the opportunity to do so.


We just sat together for a few minutes, watching the birds bathe in the garden. Admiring the colours we can see in the feathers. 



This time can be used for reflection and some quiet thought if you need to. Let go of the noise of the hustle and bustle of a busy life for a moment and just be. 



Do you fancy being creative? Then do! Maybe draw something pretty or make something to eat. It doesn’t have to be ground-breaking if you don’t want it to be. You can absolutely use this time do do anything your heart desires. Maybe a little self care wouldn’t go amiss. If days go by where the most you can do is wake up, then have a duvet day, stick on YouTube or Netflix and get cosy. Enjoy some good old fashioned card games, get lost in your favourite book, paper or kindle. 



You don’t have to share it with the world either, sometimes the anxiety of sharing on social media causes more harm than good if you don’t get the response you feel you deserved to get. This constant need to feed the beast of continuous satisfaction and up-to-the-minute information overload can WAIT. If you stop, for just a little bit, you can hear the birds sing. You can hear the rustling of the grass and the trees as the wind gently casts them to and fro. Enjoy a sense of Maybe order some gardening utensils and seeds or plants to brighten up the garden and give you something to tend for over this period of time.



If you have children at home with you and are faced with the prospect of ‘homeschooling’ then this can seem really daunting! Especially if you are working from home too. Remember though, you are not expected to be a replacement for the school. You are the first teacher your children ever new and learning can happen in any capacity. Board games can teach a wealth of values, as well as quiet play or time in the garden looking for wildlife. If you are social-distancing, then you absolutely can leave the house and go for a brief, family walk together. Keeping your distance from others (at least 2m) of course.



If you have work to do, remember to stay hydrated, stretch your legs and do take breaks. Just as you would if you left out in the morning. If you are in the category of a key-worker, particularly frontline NHS staff, please know that we are grateful and appreciate your commitment to working so hard with limited resources, caring for some very unwell people. For the nurseries and schools remaining open so that the children of key-workers and from disadvantaged families can have care and food throughout. It is joyous to see many companies offering incredible discounts and freebies to you, ensuring you get to have a drink or something to eat. 



Most importantly, take care of your mental health. These are challenging times and we all have a role in taking care of one another. Humanity at it’s finest can do wonderful things. There are reports of people supporting the most vulnerable in their communities, leaving food packages and care bundles for those who cannot leave their homes. Let’s keep up the community spirit where we can to those who need it.



For now, focus on what matters. Take time, take photos, make little memories of the littlest things if you want to. Rest, recoup. Sleep. Enjoy the calm, without the noise, just for a moment.



When this all blows over, and it will.. we can get back to doing what we all do best. 



I hope to keep up with resources for you to keep the children entertained, help you grow and learn or find new hobbies and interests. It is my hope that these can be shared with others, too. 



Do subscribe or follow me, we can do this journey together. One day we can look back on it as a huge, monumental piece of history that will be talked about for years to come. You can join my mailing list, here – 


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