Modern Maternity: Valeria’s timeless pregnancy photoshoot

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Modern Maternity: Timeless, Beautiful Portraits

The very beautiful Valeria contacted me in August of 2019 to book a maternity and newborn photography session. I was very honored to learn that the style of portraits she wanted were exactly what I am passionate about providing. Clean, simple but beautiful images that show off the incredible mother to be and her first baby. Due on 22nd January 2020, and experiencing a really good first pregnancy, Valeria wanted to capture this special time and create some beautiful photographs. Valeria was 36 weeks pregnant at her session and so had a wonderful, round baby bump to show.


Her session was planned for the end of November however, came in mid-December for a project I was filming for – see here for more, especially photographers: The Milky Way Retreat: Newborn 2020 which I am really excited to share that I got to work on, alongisde some incredibly talented photographers from all around the world! You can save $50 in the presale if you book it now.


I always reassure clients, guiding them through the session so they know how to pose, where to look, what to do next. But we always talk about it beforehand, so that there are no suprises and nothing is missed.


Using simple posing, lighting and styling techniques to really define the body, enhance features and of course have fun to get genuine smiles and laughter, you’ll be so relaxed and find it an enjoyable and worthwile experience as well as some modern maternity portraits. The aim is to empower, encourage and support women during their pregnancy journey and redefine their experience of motherhood.


As always, partners are encouraged to be involved, especially because the dynamics of the relationships change as you become a new family. This incredibly precious time together helps to share love and connection.


If you want to book a pregnancy and maternity photoshoot, please do get in contact with me. I look forward to meeting you.



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  1. Brooke

    oh Tianna these are just so beautiful. Timeless is exactly the word to describe them & I’m sure she will cherish these forever. The lighting is absolutely perfect – you certainly have a special talent xxxx

    • Tianna

      Ah Brooke, what a lovely comment! Thank you so much for your feedback, it really does mean so much! I think she will too. xxx

  2. Natalie

    These images are stunning. As you say, very elegant and timeless. A special memory for this couple. Excited to read that you are part of the Milky Way retreat!

    • Tianna

      Ahh thank you! They were so lovely together, it really is a privilege to spend this time with them. Aw, thanks! Me too!

  3. Joanne

    I love these so much – such beautiful timeless images

    • Tianna

      Thank you so much! They really are!

  4. Kathryn Hill

    These are just beautiful Tianna, I bet your clients are over the moon with these sorts of images!!

    • Tianna

      Thank you, it really is an honour to provide them for our customers!


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