‘If Mother’s Were Flowers, You’d Be The One I’d Pick’

I would pick my Mom a million times over. I can’t tell you in words how much she meant to me. I lost my Mom on 30th October 2019 and I am devastated to say the least. A short 10 days after her birthday, we had to say goodbye to the most wonderful woman. It felt like a light went out. My Mom meant the world and so much more. I can imagine yours means the world to you too! I don’t have many regrets, but one is that I didn’t book a portrait session with her. We spent one of her birthdays taking beautiful photographs, which I thoroughly enjoyed, as did she. But not once did I think to do one with her at the time. We spoke a lot about getting a session done, just of the two of us. Spending that quality time together. Little did I know that it was not to be. I cannot get that time back. I love the beautiful, candid phone snaps. Who wouldn’t cherish those. But I cannot have a huge framed piece of wall art from a phone photo, it wouldn’t have the right resolution to be blown up big without severely losing quality.

That is why I am encouraging you to spend some quality time with your Mother and allow me to capture your bond, your mother-daughter friendship and love. Because inevitably, one day the sadness I have been feeling will be shared once more. As another light slowly dims and a mother quietly leaves this physical world behind. Have your makeup done, dress up and smile together, create everlasting memories that you will be proud of. Think of that wall space in the hall way or living room that is crying out for your memories to hang there proudly.

Mother’s Day is about showing appreciation, and not just for mothers but the women in your life who give it value and meaning. Maybe she is a new Mom navigating the challenges of Motherhood or you just want to spend time with your Mom. Spoil a Mother or simply have beautiful photographs of her for Mother’s Day. Those you turn to for support, love, advice and counsel. Those who won’t judge you, encourage you and give you the wind beneath your wings. I will be honouring my Mother, by making sure you can do that for yours. 

Pictured Above: Dionne and her Mum for a personalised portrait session in May 2019 in Birmingham.

This is my most invaluable and favourite photograph I have of my Mom and I am so, so glad I took it. If you ever do come to my studio for a session, you will see a huge, beautiful, handmade and framed print on the wall. I am ever so grateful for the professional lab who produced it for me. I look and I know she is there with me, for every session. What I love about it is the light in her eyes. Her gentle smile. The warmth in her face. I remember how excited she was to see the images, I was just as excited to show them to her. Only photographs can invoke such powerful memories, as clear as the day they happened.

The Mother’s Day Collection:

Session of 45 minutes, plus 3 digital Images £199, and one 12×8 mounted print (worth £65).

+ Upgrade to 5 Digital Images, plus 5 matching mounted prints £100 (£50 credit towards Wall Art)

+ Upgrade to 10 Digital Images, plus 10 matching mounted prints £200 (£100 credit towards Wall Art)

+ Makeup from £45 per client.

+ Additional Products on request, to be discussed at your viewing and ordering session.

Dates: Sunday 1st March 2020, 0930am-17.30pm.



If you want to have a session with me for Mother’s Day, please email me at enquiries@tiannajwilliamsphotography.co.uk. I look forward to meeting you and the incredible women in your life.

My Mom, Patricia. 


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