Why Mothers Should Have Professional Photographs Taken at The Newborn Baby Photography Session

The newborn photography session captures all that makes your baby so precious and so tiny. As a new parent, expecially mothers, this is incredibly special and can even be an emotional experience. Watching your baby be posed in the most gentle, special way. Attention to details like eyelashes, toes and fingers. Capturing the smiles, and little lips and button noses. It is almost magical to watch. But, the one thing that is missing is Mum. If you had a maternity session with me, you will know that the focus is on making you look and feel amazing with little but some simple items of clothing and fabric (see here). No matter how beautiful we all are, the feelings of self-consciousness and worry is common amongst us all. 

Motherhood comes with a new vulnerability, a changed woman who is embarking on a new journey. A new sense of self, identity and priorities are changed.


I had an incredible mother come to visit for a family/newborn session. New Mum Christie wanted to have some lovely photographs to mark the beginning of her family with her baby boy, George and Husband Joe. I am always in awe of women, rarely do we recognise our power and strength and I am so overjoyed and overwhelmed by the love between a mother and her newborn baby. I was pleased to welcome them into my studio to create some memories. I think what is magical is the bond I get to share with a family as a photographer, witnessing and capturing incredible moments makes me very privileged. 

“..trying to find the time to write down everything i want to about how absolutely BEAUTIFUL the photos are!! Everything is so beautifully packaged and you can see and feel how much love and care is in every single photo. It was a beyond amazing experience and i can’t tell you how much I learnt and how much i adore the pictures you have taken of my little family – THANK YOU.”


Newborn/Family Photography

There are so many reasons why you should have your own photographs taken with your newborn baby and your family. Even if you don’t want to, do it for your children. In years to come, your children will be able to see love and joy in your eyes and there is nothing more powerful to make them feel the love and as a part of the family. Even if you want to keep it for yourself, it doesn’t have to be on display if you don’t want it to be. There is everything to gain to be a part of creating your legacy and preserving some early memories. Looking back at those photographs will bring you back to that very moment and you will experience all the same feelings at the time. Imagine how amazed your children will be when you look back at these photographs to see themselves so tiny and the adoration in your eyes? Children love to see photographs of themselves and recognising everyone in the picture. This will mean everything to you and you will be so happy you had your photographs taken.


As hard as it may seem at the time, try and get in front of that camera. You won’t regret having the most magical moments of your life captured forever.


Being a Midwife and a photographer means that I am doubly proud to say that I have been there at the birth of beautiful newborn babies and witnessing wome becoming mothers. Photography allows me to preserve the beauty and power of motherhood. To be able to support and encourage women is a passion and calling. Using my own experiences of midwifery and motherhood uniquely places me in a position to give so much to women and their families, because I enjoy it and it is very humbling. Fellow Midwife, Andrea B Photography has written about the importance of capturing precious moments, so do visit and learn more about what she has to share.  October is Baby Loss Awareness Month and I encourage you to also head to www.remembermybaby.co.uk to learn more about the incredible value rememberance photography brings. 

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