Whistle Stop Tour of My Best Photography Work From 2018!


This past year flew by VERY quickly! It has been such a year for the work I provide and I spent a lot of it in training and working hard to develop my craft and create beautiful images for clients who choose me. As a newborn baby and maternity photographer, it was paramount that I continued to develop my skills so that I could stand out from the crowd. It was a year of change, I had left employment and embarked on the journey of self employed and that was scary, to say the least. I had also learned that I would be a new mother again towards the end of the year so a lot of excitement, anticipation and nerves surrounded me for the majority of it.


My biggest achievements began with the Newborn Photography Show in May 2018. I had been encouraged to submit a maternity portrait that I had shot in February 2018. It was one I was quite proud of, it was different but really brought home the feeling of being a mother in anticipation of the impending arrival. It is so important to have these photographs, despite the changes to a woman’s body to be able to love what you are capable of, to see the strength and power within to carry a new life is really important because you will never be pregnant with the same baby again. That is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that commands respect. I wrote more about it here but I won 2nd place for the award of Maternity Photographer of The Year 2018! I proudly collected a certificate on a huge stage and it was a wonderful but humbling moment!





I also decided to embark on a personal project. Something that had deep, personal meaning to myself and my identity. So, after being pointed in the direction of a designer, we got together to discuss pur ideas and got together to work on selecting models to be cast for the shoot. We spent so much time trawling through the applications that came in via instagram and we managed to whittle it down to 4 beautiful women.


This Project was shot in June and I couldn’t believe that a thought I had in the previous year had finally come into fruition. Hard work, planning and the collaborative efforts of several women and  we did it together.

Models are – Effie, Charlotte, Victoria, and Chenayde. Designs by Atuu – who set up an organisation to support the women of Ghana who produce such vibrant fabrics, to be recognised for their hard work. Jewellery by Queen Ice and Make up by Made By Cheryl.

I proudly shared my work which was seen by many around the world on Facebook with a reach of almost 10,000 people, 45 shares and over a hundred comments. This was the total culmination of when all of your love goes into something and you care for all the details. I think photographs like this should exist everywhere. See the collection below.


In June 2018, this image above was awarded a Highly Commended award with the SWPP (Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) that I am a professional member of. Knowing that their criteria is incredibly challenging to achieve, being given this award meant everything. But this was reviewed in December 2018 and actually upgraded to a GOLD award, an accolade I am so very proud of, to be amongst other absolutely fantastic work produced by very skillful and talented photographers is an honour.

I had submitted to the Master Photographer’s Association and awarded GOLD in the Aspiring Member’s Category! A great way to start my membership and a clear sign that I had created a truly beautiful body of work.

I was also awarded at the Black Female Photographers Conference in Atlanta and won their portrait category!

But, I think the best award was sending a file to my Grandad in Jamaica – he has printed it for his home and I hope one day soon I can see it up on the walls.


Another two other images awarded Highly Commended by the Master Photographer’s Association (MPA). A maternity boudoir portrait encapsulating all that is to be a woman and a mother.

Of course, as a photographer and a mother myself, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph my own baby. This beautiful lamb prop was made for me to model her in and it worked so beautifully. Even if I do have ‘mommy eyes’.

This stunning photograph was awarded a Highly Commended with the SWPP in June. She was lovely to photograph and I can’t stress the importance of photographing your children. Capture moments that otherwise fly by so quickly.

I could share so much more of my work here, I love them all! But I do feel that the best part about being able to take photographs is that I get to meet so many different people. I get to challenge myself and learn more. I get to really be a part of someone’s special memories. Taking photos isn’t just about pressing a shutter for me. It is more than a job. I care about and love what I do. Photography has become increasingly accessible, with the availability of professional equipment and of course, the use of smart phones but I still value a great portrait. Beautiful images are of no use to anyone if sat in a mobile phone or stuck on a USB somewhere. 

Look out for my next blog soon – The Power of Print.

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